Master Moulding

Our master moulds are made from the highest quality Organic rubber or high-grade silicone.

This quality allows for the smallest of details to be picked out and replicate in the moulding process.

Prices start from £60 per mould. 



Production Moulds

Our production moulds are of the highest quality, allowing for an extended spin-life whilst maintaining detail in the figures produced.

Prices start from £60 per mould.


Our metal casting process uses a tin alloy specifically produced for the Toy Soldier manufacturing industry.

Spinning the moulds, using this metal alloy, allows the finest of details to be picked out whilst resulting in a robust figure.

Prices start at £2 + metal cost per spin.





We are happy to offer advice at every stage of your project - from identifying a sculpt that will cast well, all the way to final production. If you would like to have a discussion about how we can help, please get in contact.


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Tel : 07594907484